10 Most Popular Gigs On Fiverr [2018]


While there are many different freelance marketplaces that you can join and try to make money online, one of the best ones is Fiverr. Unlike others, on Fiverr you can set up your own gigs and buyers will come to you. You won’t need to bid on the different projects that are being posted, you don’t need to convince anyone to try you out. All you need to do is to create a good gig in a good category and overdeliver whatever you decide to sell. This way, your clients will be happy and you can be sure they will be back for more.

One of the best things about Fiverr is that they have many different categories and subcategories that can suit your skills. And even if you don’t have those skills yet, you can get them and then create a gig around them.

The reality is that not all categories have the same demand. So, if you are about to open an account on Fiverr and become a seller, you should know which areas are the most profitable ones.

With this in mind, here are the 10 most popular gigs on Fiverr in 2018:

#1: Video Creation – Editing – Intro/Outro – Infographic Videos – Funny Videos


If you are someone who likes to play around with videos, then maybe video creation and editing are right for you. The truth is that videos tend to have a huge demand because they are a powerful marketing tool. So, you can expect to have a lot of orders with this kind of gig.

If you already tried out After Effects or a similar software, this is pretty much everything you need to do a good job. If not, you can watch some online tutorials on YouTube or Vimeo, for example, and learn a new skill that can help you make money online.


Infographic videos are in a huge demand as well. The reality is that there are many different WSO software that you can use to create amazing infographic videos in just a couple of minutes.

Another subcategory that tends to have a lot of demand is related to video editing. The truth is that all you need is to have a good editing software and you should be able to do the job in just a couple of minutes.

#2: Get Followers, Likes, And Shares


As you know, social media can be a powerful tool on a business marketing strategy. This is why you keep seeing all websites with some kind of social media presence either on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google +, among so many others.

One of the ways businesses have to be seen on these platforms is by buying likes, followers, and shares. And one of the places where they buy these kinds of services is Fiverr.

The truth is that there are many different software that you can use to create, verify, and follow everyone you want either on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and even Instagram. So, this is an opportunity that you have to make a good income online. 

#3: Advertising – Flyers – Banner Ads – Links


The reality is that although Fiverr wasn’t really created for this kind of gigs, the truth is that it has been used a lot by business owners and marketers. And when someone has a company, website, or even a blog and they want to spread the word about it, one of the best options that they have is to have some beautiful flyers and banner ads. And this is one of the main reasons why these gigs are so popular in 2018.

With more and more websites being created every single day, not to mention the companies that were only offline and want to have their own online presence as well, the trend is for these gigs to keep making a lot of money because the demand keeps increasing.

In case someone already has their own website or blog and they’re not seeing a lot of traffic, maybe they’re interested in buying some high-quality links. This is another way to take advantage of Fiverr.

#4: Business Advice – Marketing Advice


As we already mentioned, Fiverr is one of the best marketplaces for business owners and marketers. After all, they can find everything they need to succeed. And one of the things they need is business advice. It can be in the form of gathering more customers, exploring new marketing strategies, discover the best way to take the next step for their company, among so many other things.

With time, you can get more knowledge and skills about s specific topic and you can create an add-on or even a different gig for this new skill.

#5: Logo Design – Social Media Design – Cartoons & Banner Ads


Nowadays, having a website is just the first step to have an online presence. While you still need it to be well-designed and with a great logo that can catch people’s attention, you also need to have a presence on social media. So, website owners need to have a good-looking header on each one of the social media networks they decide to participate, for example. In addition, and in order to get followers, likes, and shares, they will probably want to have some banner and cartoon ads created. And there you have another great opportunity to make money online.

If you know something about graphic design, or if you are willing to learn, you will have a lot of opportunities. While it may take you 2 or 3 ways to learn most of the techniques, with practice you can be designing a logo in less than 10 minutes. See the opportunity here?

#6: ShoutOuts On Social Media


While it may seem that we are always talking about the same kind of gig that includes social media, the truth is that social media has many different components. And the best part is that you can take advantage of each one of them. And creating a shoutout on social media gig is only one of them.

In case you have a big Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account, you can offer a shoutout to your audience. The truth is that this is something that will take you only a couple of seconds. And if the audience is right, you can be sure that they will be back for more.

#7: Writing – Articles – Sales Copy 


If you like writing and you can write fast, you can bet that there is a market for you. One of the main marketing strategies that is adopted by business owners is content marketing. And this includes having regular content posted on their blog. In addition, and since exterior links pointing to their websites is also important, they often need to have some guest posts.

If besides writing you also have a good seller instinct, then sales copy may be perfect. The truth is that sales copy tends to pay a lot more than the general article or blog post writing. After all, a good sales copy increases sales and this is what all business owners are looking for.

While it may seem very cheap to sell 500 words blog posts for $5, the truth is that if you write good content, people will come for more and more.

#8: Transcribing Audio Files:


It’s amazing how many people still need audio files transcribed. Either a more technical file or a normal one, this is something that most people just can’t afford to lose their time on. So, if you are a fast writer, transcription services may work great. Usually, for $5, most sellers will transcribe a 10-minute video or audio into a text document. However, you can create different add-ons for more lengthy audio files or depending on the topic of the audio itself. The more technical the audio files, fewer sellers will be able to do it and you may have a competitive edge here.

In what concerns the time that you need, it depends on the speed that you are able to write in the first place. However, with practice, you tend to be faster. 

#9: Financial Consulting:


One of the things that most business owners, especially small business owners, tend to have difficulties with is related to financials. They tend to think that their business may be different from the majority of businesses and they don’t have the budget to hire an expert on the field. So, they turn to Fiverr.

If you have some financial background, you can be sure that you may be a great help for these small business owners.

#10: General Advertising:


The truth is that the more advertising a company has, the better. While some companies may only have an online presence, this doesn’t mean that they can’t opt for an offline marketing strategy as well. And the same goes for people who have an offline business but want to get an online presence.

There are many different things you can do on a gig like this one. You can wear a company’s shirt to take a photograph, for example. It’s only a matter of thinking about what can make people talk about a specific brand in a positive way and offer that as your service.

The truth is that this list only compiles the 10 most popular gigs on Fiverr in 2018. However, there are many more as well as there are many other categories and subcategories that you can fit it.

If you’re considering to make money online, you should definitely consider Fiverr. After all, this is a great marketplace where you can find a lot of hungry buyers looking for the best services. And one thing is for sure: if you do a good job, they will come back for more and more.

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