All You Need To Know About Fake Subscribers On YouTube [2018]


The truth is that YouTube can be seen as a social network. In their case, the value that you can get out of it is reflected in the videos that you post but especially in the views they get. While you may be looking to get some advertising and links to your website, when you post a terrible content, viewers will simply search for another video to watch.

So, when you are creating some high-quality videos, you want to make sure that you get the maximum number of subscribers that you can. So, is it ok to buy views? Can you actually have fake subscribers on YouTube?


The truth is that getting fake subscribers on YouTube is not entirely banned. You can actually get legitimate fake subscribers on YouTube or not legitimate fake subscribers on YouTube. And this makes all the difference in terms of the consequences that you may face.

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When you’re considering buying views for your YouTube videos, you can do it in many different ways. From pop-unders, from redirects, from some deceptive layouts that just hide the video and put it in autoplay, and you can even buy them directly from Fiverr or other similar websites. However, when you try to get fake subscribers on YouTube using these methods, you may need to deal with the following consequences:


  • Your account may be suspended
  • Your video may be removed
  • Your views may not be counted or they can even disappear.

On the positive side, it is completely possible that nothing like this happens. The truth is that buying fake subscribers on YouTube is something pretty common. So, unless there are some very clear signs that you are doing it, you should be perfectly fine.


If you are considering buying subscribers on YouTube, you need to know that you can do it in 3 different ways:

#1: Use AdWords:

You can opt to pay directly to Google through their Google AdWords platform, in order to get more YouTube views. However, the truth is that it will be very expensive. And unless you are able to really get more than you pay for, you’ll end up losing money.

#2: Third-Party Sources:


From Fiverr to Twitter or Facebook, there are many different third-party sources that you can use to get more subscribers on YouTube. You will also find some websites that give people credits when they watch a video using an iframe. While this isn’t a completely legitimate way, YouTube may not notice it.

#3: Using Fiverr:

When you are looking to get YouTube subscribers in a very fast way, one of the best things you can do is to search for these gig in Fiver. This is a great way to get fake subscribers on YouTube since you’ll only need to pay $5 or $10 and you will get 100,000 views or something like that.

The truth is that no one can guarantee that your YouTube account won’t be penalized by YouTube in some way o case you are getting fake subscribers on YouTube. However, you will only know it if you try it.

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