Top 10 Leading SEO and Content Marketing Blogs in 2017

You already know that SEO and content marketing are two great strategies that allow you to get more targeted traffic to your website or blog. However, nowadays, it seems that everyone wants to be heard and you end up reading contradictory information. So, we decided to give you a hand and select only the 10 leading SEO and content marketing blogs that you absolutely need to follow in 2017.

#1: QuickSprout: 


When you’re looking for someone who really knows what is talking about, QuickSprout is most people’s answer. Neil Patel, an experienced marketer, tells you all you need to know to win the SEO and content marketing game. His posts are simply amazing. They are usually a bit long but he has a really nice writing and he keeps showing you examples of what he is talking about.

As the founder of Hello Bar and CrazyEgg, he constantly helps the biggest companies in the world growing their revenue. Companies like Viacom, HP, Amazon, among others, are his clients. According to Forbes, he is one of the top 10 online marketers. So, you just need to follow what he says.

He will cover every single aspect of online marketing and you’ll easily see what you’re doing wrong and how to make it right once and for all.

Make sure to check out our content marketing tips.

#2: Gotch SEO: 


Gotch SEO is another leader in terms of SEO and content marketing blogs. With a huge knowledge, he is available to share it all with you. In fact, you can even get their free SEO course. You just need to provide them with your name and email and it’s done. You will finally understand how you can accelerate your organic search traffic.

One of the best things about Gotch SEO is the fact that they have two different services – a course to teach you how to improve your SEO and another service where they do it for you, as well as you can read more about both SEO and content marketing on their website for free.

Honestly, simply sticking with their blog posts is already a major step in the right direction. From link building strategies, a guide for your anchors, or even how to get the best ROI from your SEO efforts, they cover everything.

#3: Human Proof Designs: 


Dom Wells, the creator of Human Proof Designs, is an experienced marketer that knows exactly what works and what doesn’t in your website or blog. With just a glance, he is able to tell you how you can maximize your earnings, what you need to change to capture more email subscribers, and how to, ultimately, get more targeted traffic to your website or blog.

In his blog, you’ll be able to see many case studies that will help you realize what you’re doing right and wrong, as well as he also gives you ready-made niche sites that are really worth buying. After all, you can be sure that Dom thought about each detail to make them convert well.

At Human Proof Designs, you’ll also be able to check some reviews that Dom writes about the most different products for websites and blogs. So, if you’re in doubt about a specific product or service, make sure you check in at Human Proof Designs to see if he already wrote a review about it.

#4: NicheHacks: 


When you’re looking for the top 10 leading SEO and content marketing websites and blogs in 2017, it’s just impossible to not include NicheHacks.

With tons and tons of content that is absolutely priceless, you can be sure you’ll get plenty of ideas on how you can improve your own SEO and content marketing strategies on your own website or blog.

They cover a wide variety of subjects besides covering different tools they believe every website and blog owner should have. They tell you exactly how to use them in order to maximize your time and returns at the same time. Who knows… You might end up with another website or blog idea and make it a success from day 1.


#5: Backlinko: 


Brian Dean is the founder of Backlinko. And if we were asked about his main quality, we would probably say the depth that he can have when he approaches one topic. Despite the fact that Dean usually only posts 1 blog post a month, you can be sure it is well worth the waiting. He is one of the top leading SEO and content marketing websites and he keeps testing new strategies all the time. This is what makes him so good. He doesn’t just rely on others or on what others are saying. He just puts his hands to work and his ability to put things in such a clear way is amazing.

One of the things he does best, in our opinion, is concerned with the different strategies he is able to put together for link building. You know how link building is important and Brian knows that as well. It’s not by chance that other website leaders mentioned on this list only have good things to say about Backlinko. From the best strategies to search for keywords to Google’s top ranking factors, from on-page SEO to demystify how you can get to the top places on Google for your keyword, Brian approaches them all.

#6: Diggity Marketing:


One of the things that, unfortunately, we keep seeing when we’re looking for the best SEO and content marketing strategies is that you don’t need to be an expert to give them; you just need to look like an expert. However, the problem is that people who are following these websites or blogs don’t have a clue about that and they just keep making mistake after mistake, simply because they are following the advice of people who know nothing about either SEO or content marketing. One of the ways that you have to be sure that you’re following the right experts, the right SEO and content marketing websites and blogs is to search for case studies. Someone who knows nothing about SEO won’t be able to create one. And this is exactly what you get at Diggity Marketing. They are not simply writing about different theories; they write about concrete things, that are happening in the real world. They have a lot of different case studies that will not only help you learn as well as they will help you improve both your SEO as well as your content marketing strategies. 

With lots and lots of pure content that can help you, make sure that you pay them a visit regularly.

#7: ViperChill: 


ViperChill has been around for many years now and they’re definitely one of the most respectable websites on the SEO and content marketing niches.

From the most diversified strategies on how to get more targeted traffic to your website or blog, to implement powerful link building strategies, on-page SEO, and a lot more. Glen will absolutely cover every single topic that might affect your website or blog to make sure you get the most out of your business.

Glen will also provide you with some different case studies and you’ll be able to learn from him directly. The way he managed to take ViperChill back in 2009 and make it what it is today – a website that is visited by a lot of people to get the best insights from one of the most prominent leaders in the industry.

#8: Niche Pursuits: 


Niche Pursuits is the concretization of one average man who started just like you. He had a day job and started to look at the online business as a possible opportunity. As soon as he started making some money, he quit his job and never looked back again. This was almost 6 years ago and since then, he has been a part of many different projects. Spencer just takes Niche Pursuits to show you what he has been doing as well as all the conclusions and insights each new venture he participates in gives him. This is how he learned and he hopes he can be a good help for you too.

Having multiple websites, running a software company and selling physical products, you can be sure you’ll get the best insights from this self-made business man.

#9: Empire Flippers: 


Empire Flippers is mainly a website where you can sell your website or blog. However, this is not all they do. On their blog, you’ll be able to find the most amazing insights that will help you drive traffic to your website either using content marketing or SEO. They show you strategies that work and describe them in detail. All you need to do is to follow and you’ll get there, sooner than you might think.

Empire Flippers keeps growing month after month, not only in terms of earnings as well as in terms of their visits. So, they know what they’re doing. And they will tell you exactly how you can replicate their success.

And in case you already have a successful online business and you might be wondering how much it is worth, just ask them.

#10: Authority Hacker:


Last but not least, there’s Authority Hacker. Just because we listed it in the tenth place, this doesn’t mean they’re inferior to others. Not by a minute.

At Authority Hacker you’ll learn how you can build your own profitable website or blog. You can either read their amazing posts that include a wide range of subjects and topics as well as you can listen to their weekly podcasts that refer to the daily challenges they need to deal with at Authority Hacker. Plus, nothing better that seeing some of the tools you’re thinking about buying being tested. This way, you’ll see how they work, if they suit your needs, and the best way to use them.

If there is something that puts Authority Hacker aside from the competition is the fact that they only talk about things that they have actually tried and that worked out well.

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