Top 5 Places To Buy And Sell Websites [2018]

Website Broker

The truth is that the website is one important part of any business. While some businesses only work online, there are others that are physical. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to have a website nowadays, no matter which kind of business yours is.

A website allows people to get to know what you do and how you can help them. So, not surprisingly, the number of websites is simply skyrocketing. Either as simple blogs, e-commerce stores or real businesses, the number of websites online is increasing every single day.

While when you think about a website you may think that it only makes sense when you are selling something or when you have a business, the reality is that there are many people who have other sources of income from websites. And one of the most profitable ones is related to buying and selling websites.

Buy and sell websites is also known as website flipping and can be very profitable. The truth is that you can find entire websites for sale or simply a domain name. The amount for which each website is sold depends on multiple factors.

In case you’re interested in buying and selling websites, here are the top 5 places where you can find the best opportunities:

#1: Website Broker:

Website Broker

Website Broker is considered by many as one of the best places to buy and sell websites as well as domains. All you need to do is to create a listing for either your website or domain and put it for sale. Visitors will then be able to bid on your website or domain. You also have the ability to place a reserve price, which is the price at you’re willing to sell. This means that unless the bids reach this value, you won’t sell it.

#2: Afternic


Afternic is another popular website where you can buy and sell websites and domains.

One of the best things about using Afternic is the fact that as soon as you list your website or domain for sale there, your listing will be displayed on other buy and sell websites. This will drastically improve your odds to find a good buyer for your website or domain.

In case you only have a domain that you want to sell, Afternic also offers parking services.

#3: Flippa


Flippa was probably one of the first websites created in the industry. All websites and domains are sold through a bidding system and you can also define the minimum price at which you are available to sell.

One of the best things about Flippa is that it is probably one of the safest places to do business. After all, they include an escrow protection for secure payments and they are trying at all costs to avoid scams and frauds.

#4: Digital Point Forum


Digital Point is a very known website for marketers and webmasters. And their forum has always been famous for providing all the information you need. However, you can also find great opportunities to buy and sell websites and domains here. While the Digital Point Forum wasn’t created with that end, the truth is that you can often see webmasters doing all kinds of businesses in there.

#5: Freemarket


Freemarket was created by some of the people behind

At Freemarket, you can easily buy and sell both websites and domains. One of the best things about Freemarket is the low commission that you pay. While in most other flipping websites you will need to pay a high commission fee, here you will only need to pay 5% of the sold price.

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