How to build quality comment backlinks

build quality comment backlinks

In this video you will learn how to build quality comment (mostly no follow) backlinks for free. You will need to do Google search and use SEOprofiler for this method.

Here is the transcript. I apologize for typos and errors as it was transcribed by an application:

“Hi this is Jano from I will be talking about how to create comment links and when I say comment links I mean quality comment links, not using GSA Ser or any spammy backlink comment backlink building methods. We’re going to talk about how to spy on your competitors and identify link opportunities.

I just want to say that there’s going to be a short training video. It’s going to be all value no fluff so let’s just get to it right away. Let’s assume you run a website or you are trying to rank a website and your niche is coffee-making and let’s say you are shooting to be in top 10 for “best keurig coffee maker”.

As you see I already have a Google search top 10 results pulled up on my screen and as you see it’s “best keurig coffee maker”. So what you would basically need is run a search in Google search and have a tool that would give you a backlink profile for a website’ You can use Majestic but it costs money and it’s not as cheap. You can also use SEOprofiler. They have paid packages but you can also use free package. It would allow you to run backlink searches. I think indefinitely. But this will work.

Today it would be so you have “best keurig coffee maker” and in top 10 results you have niche websites that have done something right and they are ranking top 10. Not all of their links are comment links of course’ but you can identify comment links among the niche websites which are ranking top 10. Let’s look at You copy in page. You don’t have to open it in a separate tab of course.

You go to backlinks. Here it’s going to pull up a search field you will enter click get backlinks  data. You’ll wait and magic is happening in the backend and now you see a list of backlinks that point to this domain the next thing you would want to do you want to sort backlinks by their strengths and you can use this field and its link influence for as the score that SEOprofiler uses. I’m not sure how accurate it is but now we can go by it. This is better than nothing. So you can sort and higher percentage is indicative of the strengths of a higher strengths of a backlink and what the next thing you need to do is you need to go to the field anchor text link destination and you have to scan for the names.  And when I say names I mean person names. So what happens is people go to different blogs different posts and they use names to create comment links especially for higher quality blog posts.

Because if you go to a website …I don’t know coffee making or best espresso machines or whatever then you create a comment and then you write “best espresso machines” or “top milk frothers” or whatever you’re not going to be approved because most of the high quality links go through approval process.

So the next thing you want to do you go here, pull up the website you go to the very end of the post just bear with me as I’m scrolling down and you see there’s a comment opportunity I’m not logged in in my Google account so you can’t see my name but you can actually type in your comment and then create a backlink you see here oh there is a comment and there’s a backlink you remember Kathy Powell so we can click on it and it’s going to open a new window and there’s a coffee maker choose calm there so you know what’s happening basically the the comment link is pointing to the domain I don’t have I’m not logged in into a Google account so let me try another domain this is coffee maker adviser calm also a niche website judging by the title in the domain you see it ranks number one clearly they’re doing a good job you go and chase this domain here click get backlink data just wait a little bit then you have to go to Li asked to sort so you can get no stronger domains on the top of shunga backlogs on the top you scan through it you see Mike Smith. You know very generic name but clearly it’s a common link you go to cupcakes and kale chips very interesting you scroll down and I bet there is a comment section and of course there is you see so you leave your reply here just try to relate to the post.

Ideally want to create value if you can’t create value just try to be creative and relate to whatever the content of this post is. let’s say this specific post is about how to make snickerdoodles and you can write that you know you love the post and that you have your own recipe that uses agave syrup instead of brown sugar. Something like that, so you can relate to it you can relate to it because you need a higher chance for approval.

Most of this quality comments will require approval and don’t be discouraged if not all of your comments will get approved you wouldn’t probably need to post 10 to be approved for six but you know it depends but I would say if you can don’t go too crazy with commenting maybe 10 to 15 comments per month should be more than enough you don’t wanna you know have Google raise flags on you because you are you know commenting and your commenting is over the board again there is a debate in SEO community whether comment nofollow links still hold any value I believe they do I don’t think that should be your dominant strategy but I think that should be one of the types of back boxes you want to use because you just don’t want to use one type of backlinks and this is why cap this is not get you penalized if you do it in moderation and by using the technique that I just showed you will be landing I call it in links also non follow from high quality blocks and it doesn’t take too much effort you can probably get 6 to 10 backlinks in an hour that’s more than enough for one block so if you liked this little tip and if you like this technique there are more that you can find at please visit the website and send me your comments if you want to hear more about  backlink strategies or any other strategies that would help you rank. Thank you for listening and good luck with your projects!”


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