Top 5 Free WordPress Landing Page Plugins


Landing pages are an extremely important part of your website. The truth is that it doesn’t matter if you’re using them to sell a product or service, to have your visitors subscribe to your email list, or anything else, they matter. And they can really make a difference in your conversion rates as well as on your bounce rates.



So, it’s normal that webmasters look for good landing page plugins. After all, considering that most webmasters use WordPress and that they all want to make sure they have the best conversion rates, it is totally understandable. However, one of the problems that you may need to deal with is the fact that a huge part of landing page plugins for WordPress are paid. So, if you’re just starting out or if you have a tight budget, you want to make sure that you find an affordable option.

However, you don’t even need to look for an affordable option. The truth is that there are free WordPress landing page plugins that include many of the features of the paid ones.

So, which are the best free WordPress landing page plugins?

#1: WordPress Landing Pages


When you are looking for a free WordPress landing page plugin, one of the best options that you have is the WordPress Landing Pages.

When you don’t have a lot of money for your business, you know that it is important to save on everything that you can do on your own for free. And this is exactly the case of the WordPress Landing Pages plugin.

One of the best things about the WordPress Landing Pages plugin is the fact that you can view all the changes that you are making in real-time. In addition, you don’t need to start your landing page from scratch. After all, this plugin includes several templates that you can use.

The WordPress Landing Pages plugin works with all themes and it is mobile-friendly which is a must, nowadays. While the WordPress Landing Pages plugin includes some paid add-ons, you really don’t need them and you can create a rather beautiful and high-converting landing page using only the free version.

One of the things that users tend to like about the WordPress Landing Pages plugin is the fact that it includes a built-in split testing as well as a conversion rate tracking. These are tools that are extremely important in what concerns landing pages.

#2: WP Lead Plus Free


The WP Lead Plus Free plugin is another great option when you are looking for a good WordPress landing page plugin.

As you know, one of the elements of landing pages that tend to help conversion is video. And with the WP Lead Plus Free plugin, you can easily insert your own video into the page.

While the WP Lead Plus Free plugin is not particularly intuitive, the truth is that it comes with many different video tutorials that will help you go through with it. In the end, you can be sure that you’ll be glad about the result you got.

One of the best things about the WP Lead Plus Free plugin is that while it comes with a specialized editor, when you finally publish the page, it ends up as a regular WordPress page. While this may not seem a good advantage, the truth is that it is a great one. Whenever you want to make some edit, you don’t need to go through the entire page again. It will take you less time to get it done.

While the WP Lead Plus Free plugin is free, you can also upgrade to the pro version. The truth is that you will have some more features as uploading your own background. However, and taking everything into consideration, you’ll be just fine using the free version of this plugin.

#3: Ultimate Landing Page


The Ultimate Landing Page plugin is a very versatile free WordPress landing page plugin. Besides landing pages, you can also create your own coming soon pages. In what concerns to the latter ones, you can easily publish them immediately or just schedule their publishing time.

This landing page plugin comes with multiple templates that you can choose from and you can even test them to see which one works better for you. In addition, and since email marketing is a substantial part of most businesses, the Ultimate Landing Page plugin comes with built-in Mail Chimp subscribe forms.

Just like most other landing page plugins in this list, the Ultimate Landing Page plugin also has an advanced version.

#4: Ultimate Coming Soon Page


While most people are looking for a free WordPress landing page plugin, the truth is that more often than you may realize, you need to have a coming soon plugin. This kind of plugin, like the Ultimate Coming Soon Page, allows you to create a page (the only page of your website that is visible by non-logged in members) that states when you are going online. This means that while your visitors will only be seeing the coming soon page that you created, you and your employees will be able to continue working on the website, checking everything, without any problems.

The Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin is one of the best in its area. It’s not only extremely easy to use as it is also flexible. This WordPress plugin works with any theme and it’s completely customizable. In addition, you can easily add some special HTML and CSS that you already have ready.

#5: Parallax Gravity


We keep seeing more and more websites using the nice parallax effect, especially on landing pages, So, we needed to tell you about the Parallax Gravity plugin.

The truth is that not all parallax plugins are the same. However, the Parallax Gravity has a pretty good scrolling effect and you have a lot of control over each one of the sections that you want to add.

One of the things that we really like about the Parallax Gravity is the fact that you can use shortcodes from other plugins without any problems. And as you can imagine, this will make your work a lot simpler.

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